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These pages contain some more generic information about Pokemon and the Pokemon Trading Card game.

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Started an itemdex and locationdex but it will take some time until those databases are completed.
Finished including G4-Pokemon, G3 living Pokedex is finished (every Pokemon from GBA-Editions included).
Started collecting the G4-Pokemon on DS (As every G3-Pokemon can be migrated, including them in G4-form has no priority at the moment).
Added german & english list of the natures ("Wesen") and their effects. Also some source code, if you're interested.
Started including the G4-(DS;Diamond&Pearl)-Pokemon in the Pokedex. This will take a while
small german BoxCode tutorial
As the current version of the Pokemon Maker seems to be unavailable in the web (the link given in the helpfile cannot be accessed) I decided to mirror it here.
If kpdavatar (the author) doesn't want the file available, I'd like him to contact me so I can remove it from here.
Okay, TCG information is pretty much dead as I found some games, which only require one-time-investment for long-time-fun
In other news: The attack-list for the games is online.