00 RSE english:Littleroot Town
00 Colosseum english:met at a distant land.
00 XD english:(You Start With It)
00 GSC english:"Unknown"
01 RSE english:Oldale Town
01 Colosseum english:OUTSKIRT STAND
01 GSC english:New Bark Town
02 RSE english:Dewford Town
02 Colosseum english:OUTSKIRT STAND
02 GSC english:Route 29
03 RSE english:Lavaridge Town
03 Colosseum english:PHENAC CITY
03 GSC english:Cherrygrove City
04 RSE english:Fallarbor Town
04 Colosseum english:PHENAC CITY
04 GSC english:Route 30
05 RSE english:Verdanturf Town
05 Colosseum english:MAYOR'S HOUSE
05 GSC english:Route 31
06 RSE english:Pacifidlog Town
06 Colosseum english:MAYOR'S HOUSE
06 GSC english:Violet City
07 RSE english:Petalburg City
07 Colosseum english:PHENAC CITY
07 GSC english:Sprout Tower
08 RSE english:Slateport City
08 Colosseum english:PHENAC CITY
08 GSC english:Route 32
09 RSE english:Mauville City
09 Colosseum english:PHENAC CITY
09 XD english:Ciphere Lab (Basement 1)
09 GSC english:Ruins of Alph
0A RSE english:Rustboro City
0A Colosseum english:PHENAC CITY
0A XD english:Ciphere Lab (Basement 2)
0A GSC english:Union Cave
0B RSE english:Fortree City
0B Colosseum english:PRE GYM
0B XD english:Ciphere Lab (Outside)
0B GSC english:Route 33
0C RSE english:Lilycove City
0C Colosseum english:PRE GYM
0C GSC english:Azalea Town
0D RSE english:Mossdeep City
0D Colosseum english:PHENAC STADIUM
0D GSC english:Slowpoke Well
0E RSE english:Sootopolis City
0E Colosseum english:PHENAC STADIUM
0E GSC english:Ilex Forest
0F RSE english:Ever Grande City
0F Colosseum english:PYRITE TOWN
0F GSC english:Route 34
10 RSE english:Route 101
10 Colosseum english:PYRITE TOWN
10 XD english:Mt. Battle
10 GSC english:Goldenrod City
11 RSE english:Route 102
11 Colosseum english:PYRITE TOWN
11 GSC english:Radio Tower
12 RSE english:Route 103
12 Colosseum english:PYRITE TOWN
12 GSC english:Route 35
13 RSE english:Route 104
13 Colosseum english:PYRITE TOWN
13 GSC english:National Park
14 RSE english:Route 105
14 Colosseum english:PYRITE TOWN
14 GSC english:Route 36
15 RSE english:Route 106
15 Colosseum english:PYRITE TOWN
15 GSC english:Route 37
16 RSE english:Route 107
16 Colosseum english:PYRITE TOWN
16 GSC english:Ecruteak City
17 RSE english:Route 108
17 Colosseum english:PYRITE TOWN
17 GSC english:Tin Tower
18 RSE english:Route 109
18 Colosseum english:PYRITE BLDG
18 GSC english:Burned Tower
19 RSE english:Route 110
19 Colosseum english:PYRITE BLDG
19 GSC english:Route 38
1A RSE english:Route 111
1A Colosseum english:PYRITE BLDG
1A GSC english:Route 39
1B RSE english:Route 112
1B Colosseum english:PYRITE BLDG
1B GSC english:Olivine City
1C RSE english:Route 113
1C Colosseum english:PYRITE BLDG
1C GSC english:Lighthouse
1D RSE english:Route 114
1D Colosseum english:PYRITE CAVE
1D GSC english:Battle Tower
1E RSE english:Route 115
1E Colosseum english:MIROR'S HIDEOUT
1E GSC english:Route 40
1F RSE english:Route 116
1F Colosseum english:PYRITE CAVE
1F GSC english:Whirl Islands
20 RSE english:Route 117
20 Colosseum english:PYRITE CAVE
20 GSC english:Route 41
21 RSE english:Route 118
21 Colosseum english:PYRITE CAVE
21 GSC english:Cianwood City
22 RSE english:Route 119
22 Colosseum english:PYRITE CAVE
22 GSC english:Route 42
23 RSE english:Route 120
23 Colosseum english:PYRITE COLOSSEUM
23 GSC english:Mt.Mortar
24 RSE english:Route 121
24 Colosseum english:AGATE VILLAGE
24 GSC english:Mahogany Town
25 RSE english:Route 122
25 Colosseum english:RELIC CAVE
25 GSC english:Route 43
26 RSE english:Route 123
26 Colosseum english:RELIC CAVE
26 GSC english:Lake of Rage
27 RSE english:Route 124
27 Colosseum english:AGATE VILLAGE
27 GSC english:Route 44
28 RSE english:Route 125
28 Colosseum english:AGATE VILLAGE
28 GSC english:Ice Path
29 RSE english:Route 126
29 Colosseum english:AGATE VILLAGE
29 GSC english:Blackthorn City
2A RSE english:Route 127
2A Colosseum english:AGATE VILLAGE
2A GSC english:Dragon's Den
2B RSE english:Route 128
2B Colosseum english:AGATE VILLAGE
2B GSC english:Route 45
2C RSE english:Route 129
2C Colosseum english:AGATE VILLAGE
2C GSC english:Dark Cave
2D RSE english:Route 130
2D Colosseum english:AGATE VILLAGE
2D GSC english:Route 46
2E RSE english:Route 131
2E Colosseum english:AGATE VILLAGE
2E GSC english:Silver Cave
2F RSE english:Route 132
2F Colosseum english:THE UNDER
2F GSC english:Pallet Town
30 RSE english:Route 133
30 Colosseum english:THE UNDER
30 GSC english:Route 1
31 RSE english:Route 134
31 Colosseum english:THE UNDER
31 GSC english:Viridian City
32 RSE english:Underwater (Route 124)
32 Colosseum english:THE UNDER
32 GSC english:Route 2
33 RSE english:Underwater (Route 126)
33 Colosseum english:THE UNDER
33 GSC english:Pewter City
34 RSE english:Underwater (Route 127)
34 Colosseum english:THE UNDER
34 GSC english:Route 3
35 RSE english:Underwater (Route 128)
35 Colosseum english:THE UNDER
35 GSC english:Mt.Moon
36 RSE english:Underwater (Sootopoist)
36 Colosseum english:THE UNDER
36 GSC english:Route 4
37 RSE english:Granite Cave
37 Colosseum english:THE UNDER
37 GSC english:Cerulean City
38 RSE english:Mt. Chimney
38 Colosseum english:met at a distant land.
38 GSC english:Route 24
39 RSE english:Safari Zone
39 Colosseum english:THE UNDER SUBWAY
39 GSC english:Route 25
3A RSE english:Battle Tower
3A Colosseum english:THE UNDER SUBWAY
3A GSC english:Route 5
3B RSE english:Petalburg Woods
3B Colosseum english:THE UNDER SUBWAY
3B GSC english:Underground
3C RSE english:Rusturf Tunnel
3C Colosseum english:THE UNDER SUBWAY
3C GSC english:Route 6
3D RSE english:Abandoned Ship
3D Colosseum english:THE UNDER SUBWAY
3D GSC english:Vermilion City
3E RSE english:New Maulville
3E Colosseum english:THE UNDER
3E GSC english:Diglett's Cave
3F RSE english:Meteor Falls
3F Colosseum english:UNDER COLOSSEUM
3F GSC english:Route 7
40 RSE english:Meteor Falls
40 Colosseum english:DEEP COLOSSEUM
40 XD english:Cipher Key Lair(First Floor)
40 GSC english:Route 8
41 RSE english:Mt. Pyre
41 Colosseum english:FRONT OF LAB
41 XD english:Cipher Key Lair(Second Floor)
41 GSC english:Route 9
42 RSE english:Hideout
42 Colosseum english:LABORATORY
42 XD english:Cipher Key Lair(Third Floor)
42 GSC english:Rock Tunnel
43 RSE english:Shoal Cave
43 Colosseum english:LABORATORY
43 XD english:Cipher Key Lair(Fourth Floor)
43 GSC english:Route 10
44 RSE english:Seafloor Cavern
44 Colosseum english:LABORATORY
44 XD english:Cipher Key Lair(Rooftop)
44 GSC english:Power Plant
45 RSE english:Underwater (Seafloor Cavern)
45 Colosseum english:LABORATORY
45 XD english:Cipher Key Lair Office
45 GSC english:Lavender Town
46 RSE english:Victory Road
46 Colosseum english:LABORATORY
46 XD english:Cipher Key Lair (Rooftop)
46 GSC english:Lavender Radio Tower
47 RSE english:Mirage Island
47 Colosseum english:LABORATORY
47 XD english:Outside Cipher Key Lair
47 GSC english:Celadon City
48 RSE english:Cave of Origin
48 Colosseum english:LABORATORY
48 GSC english:Saffron City
49 RSE english:Southern Island
49 Colosseum english:LABORATORY
49 XD english:Citadark Isle(Control Room)
49 GSC english:Route 11
4A RSE english:Fiery Path
4A Colosseum english:MT. BATTLE
4A XD english:Citadark Isle Final Area_
4A GSC english:Route 12
4B RSE english:Fiery Path
4B Colosseum english:MT. BATTLE
4B XD english:Citadark Isle(Walkway)
4B GSC english:Route 13
4C RSE english:Jagged Pass
4C Colosseum english:MT. BATTLE
4C XD english:Citadark Isle Entrance
4C GSC english:Route 14
4D RSE english:Jagged Pass
4D Colosseum english:MT. BATTLE
4D XD english:Citadark Isle(Lower Volcano)
4D GSC english:Route 15
4E RSE english:Sealed Chamber
4E Colosseum english:MT. BATTLE
4E GSC english:Route 16
4F RSE english:Underwater (Route 134)
4F Colosseum english:MT. BATTLE
4F GSC english:Route 17
50 RSE english:Scorched Slab
50 Colosseum english:MT. BATTLE
50 XD english:Citadark Isle (Upper Volcano)
50 GSC english:Route 18
51 RSE english:Island Cave
51 Colosseum english:MT. BATTLE
51 XD english:Citadark Isle(Inner Volcano)
51 GSC english:Fuchsia City
52 RSE english:Desert Ruins
52 Colosseum english:MT. BATTLE
52 GSC english:Route 19
53 RSE english:Ancient Tomb
53 Colosseum english:MT. BATTLE
53 GSC english:Route 20
54 RSE english:Inside of Truck
54 Colosseum english:MT. BATTLE
54 GSC english:Seafoam Islands
55 RSE english:Sky Pillar
55 Colosseum english:MT. BATTLE
55 GSC english:Cinnabar Island
56 RSE english:Secret Base
56 Colosseum english:MT. BATTLE
56 GSC english:Route 21
57 RSE english:Ferry
57 Colosseum english:MT. BATTLE
57 GSC english:Route 22
58 Colosseum english:MT. BATTLE
58 GSC english:Victory Road
59 Colosseum english:MT. BATTLE
59 GSC english:Route 23
5A Colosseum english:MT. BATTLE
5A GSC english:Indigo Plateau
5B Colosseum english:MT. BATTLE
5B GSC english:Route 26
5C Colosseum english:MT. BATTLE
5C GSC english:Route 27
5D Colosseum english:MT. BATTLE
5D GSC english:Tohjo Falls
5E Colosseum english:MT. BATTLE
5E GSC english:Route 28
5F Colosseum english:MT.BTL COLOSSEUM
5F GSC english:Fast Ship
60 Colosseum english:met at a distant land.
61 Colosseum english:met at a distant land.
62 Colosseum english:met at a distant land.
63 Colosseum english:met at a distant land.
64 Colosseum english:met at a distant land.
65 Colosseum english:met at a distant land.
66 Colosseum english:REALGAM TOWER
66 FL english:Route 2
67 Colosseum english:REALGAMTWR DOME
67 FL english:Route 3
68 Colosseum english:REALGAMTWR DOME
68 FL english:Route 4
69 Colosseum english:REALGAMTWR DOME
69 FL english:Route 5
6A Colosseum english:REALGAMTWR DOME
6A FL english:Route 6
6B Colosseum english:REALGAMTWR DOME
6B XD english:Phenac City Stadium
6B FL english:Route 7
6C Colosseum english:REALGAMTWR DOME
6C FL english:Route 8
6D Colosseum english:REALGAMTWR DOME
6D XD english:Pyrite Town (Onbs Bulding)
6D FL english:Route 9
6E Colosseum english:REALGAMTWR DOME
6E XD english:Pyrite Town (Onbs Bulding)
6E FL english:Route 10
6F Colosseum english:REALGAMTWR DOME
6F XD english:Pyrite Town (Onbs Bulding)
6F FL english:Route 11
70 Colosseum english:REALGAMTWR DOME
70 FL english:Route 12
71 Colosseum english:REALGAMTWR DOME
71 FL english:Route 13
72 Colosseum english:REALGAMTWR LOBBY
72 FL english:Route 14
73 Colosseum english:REALGAM TOWER
73 FL english:Route 15
74 Colosseum english:REALGAM TOWER
74 FL english:Route 16
75 Colosseum english:REALGAM TOWER
75 FL english:Route 17
76 Colosseum english:TOWER COLOSSEUM
76 FL english:Route 18
77 Colosseum english:PHENAC CITY
77 XD english:Pyrite Town (Onbs Bulding)
77 FL english:Sea Route 19
78 Colosseum english:PYRITE COLOSSEUM
78 FL english:Sea Route 20
79 Colosseum english:UNDER COLOSSEUM
79 FL english:Sea Route 21
7A Colosseum english:THE UNDER
7A FL english:Route 22
7B Colosseum english:REALGAM TOWER
7B FL english:Route 23
7C Colosseum english:REALGAM TOWER
7C FL english:Route 24
7D Colosseum english:DEEP COLOSSEUM
7D FL english:Route 25
7D GSC english:Empty
7E Colosseum english:ORRE COLOSSEUM
7E FL english:Viridian Forest
7E GSC english:"Can't Tell"
7F Colosseum english:THE UNDER
7F FL english:Mt Moon
7F GSC english:"Special" (Trade)
80 Colosseum english:PHENAC CITY
80 FL english:SS Anne (Pier)
81 Colosseum english:SNEGEM HIDOUT
81 FL english:Underground Path
82 Colosseum english:SNEGEM HIDOUT
82 FL english:Underground Path
83 Colosseum english:SNEGEM HIDOUT
83 FL english:Diglett Cave
84 Colosseum english:SNEGEM HIDOUT
84 FL english:Victory Road
85 Colosseum english:SNEGEM HIDOUT
85 FL english:Team Rocket's Hideout
86 Colosseum english:SNEGEM HIDOUT
86 FL english:Silph Company (Lapras)
87 Colosseum english:SNEGEM HIDOUT
87 FL english:Pokemon Mansion
88 Colosseum english:SNEGEM HIDOUT
88 FL english:Safari Zone
89 Colosseum english:SNEGEM HIDOUT
89 FL english:Pokemon League
8A Colosseum english:THE UNDER SUBWAY
8A FL english:Rock Tunnel
8B Colosseum english:THE UNDER SUBWAY
8B FL english:Seafoam Islands
8C Colosseum english:LABORATORY
8C FL english:Pokemon Tower
8D Colosseum english:LABORATORY
8D FL english:Cerulean Cave
8E Colosseum english:PYRITE COLOSSEUM
8E FL english:Power Plant
8F Colosseum english:met at a distant land.
8F XD english:Pokemon Hq Lab
8F FL english:ONE ISLAND
90 Colosseum english:met at a distant land.
90 FL english:TWO ISLAND
91 Colosseum english:met at a distant land.
91 FL english:THREE ISLAND
92 Colosseum english:met at a distant land.
92 FL english:FOUR ISLAND (Nursery)
93 Colosseum english:met at a distant land.
93 FL english:FIVE ISLAND
94 Colosseum english:met at a distant land.
94 FL english:SEVEN ISLAND
95 Colosseum english:met at a distant land.
95 FL english:SIX ISLAND
96 FL english:Isle 1-KINDLE ROAD
97 FL english:Isle 1-TREASURE BEACH
98 FL english:Isle 2-CAPE BRINK
99 XD english:Gateon Port
99 FL english:Isle 3-BOND BRIDGE
9B FL english:SEVII ISLE 6
9C FL english:SEVII ISLE 7
9D FL english:SEVII ISLE 8
9E FL english:SEVII ISLE 9
A0 FL english:Isle 5-WATER LABYRINTH
A2 XD english:Gateon Port Lighthouse
A2 FL english:Isle 5-South Sea Route-MEMORIAL PILLAR
A4 XD english:Outskirt Stand
A4 FL english:GREEN PATH
A5 FL english:WATER PATH
AB FL english:SEVII ISLE 22
AC FL english:SEVII ISLE 23
AD FL english:SEVII ISLE 24
AE FL english:Isle 8-NAVEL ROCK(Lugia & Ho-oh)
AF FL english:Isle 1-MT. EMBER
B1 FL english:Isle 4-ICEFALL CAVE
B5 FL english:Isle 5-LOST CAVE
B9 FL english:THREE ISLE PATH-Tunnel
BB FL english:Isle 9-BIRTH ISLAND(Deoxys)
BC FL english:Iresu Sekisitsu-MONEAN CHAMBER
BD FL english:Nazan Sekisitsu-LIPTOO CHAMBER
BE FL english:Yugo Sekisitsu-WEEPTH CHAMBER
BF FL english:Aleboca Sekisitsu-DILFORD CHAMBER
C0 FL english:Kotou Sekisitsu-SCUFIB CHAMBER
C1 FL english:Anuza Sekisitsu-RIXY CHAMBER
C2 FL english:Oliphu Sekisitsu-VIAPOIS CHAMBER
C3 FL english:EMBER SPA
C5 Em english:Aqua Hideout
C6 Em english:Magma Hideout
C7 Em english:Mirage Tower
C8 Em english:Birth Island (Deoxys)
C9 Em english:Faraway Island (Mew)
CA Em english:Artisan Cave
CB Em english:Marine Cave (Kyogre)
CC Em english:Underwater
CD Em english:Terra Cave (Groudon)
CE Em english:Underwater
CF Em english:Underwater
D0 Em english:Underwater
D1 Em english:Desert Underpass
D2 Em english:Altering Cave
D3 Em english:Navel Rock (Ho-oh,Lugia)
D4 Em english:Trainer Hill
FE RSE english:In-game Trade
FF RSE english:fateful encounter