National 076
Johto 036
Hoenn 059
Sinnoh 033
internRBY 31h 049d
internPin 4Bh 075d
internGSC 4Ch 076d
internE3 04Ch 076d
internE4 04Ch 076d
german Geowaz
english Golem
french Grolem
japanese Golonya
Type: Ground Rock
Egggroup: Mineral
Blue 0
Red 0
Yellow 0
Silver 0
Gold 0
Crystal 0
Ruby 0
Sapphire 0
Emerald ?
LG 0
FR 0
Colosseum 0
XD 0
GBA companion throughout the game
DS Traditionally, the first Geodude in each game is called "Steinchen" and becomes comanion throughout the game