Pokemon Maker v4.23 06/14/2006 11:30 AM CST     HELP!
Code: Log:
Game: VBA   ARv1-2/GSv1-2   ARv3
CB/GSv3+Type8   80-Bytes  
Output (m)
Code Information:
Code Sample:0 A Structure:0
Code Sample 1: A Structure 1:
Code Sample 2: A Structure 2:
Code Sample 3: B Structure 0:
Code Sample 4: B Structure 1:
Code Sample 5: B Structure 2:
Code Sample 6: C Structure 0:
Code Sample 7: C Structure 1:
Code Sample 8: C Structure 2:
Code Sample 9: D Structure:0
Code Sample 10: D Structure 1:
Code Sample 11: D Structure 2:
Code Sample 12: CS:
Code Sample 13:  XKey:
Code Sample 14:  Font:Code:
Code Sample 15:  
Code Sample 16:  
Code Sample 17: Use Random PIDS:
Code Sample 18: PID:
Code Sample 19: 80-Bytes
Trainer Info:
OT Trainer Name Code: OT Gender: Code:
:OT SecretID Code:  
:OT ID Code: 
Picture Info:  Lead Zeros:  File Extension:
Normal Dir:
Shiny  Dir:
Pokemon Info:
Mirage Island Code:
Ball Caught:
PokeDex:  #:
Sort by:
Ability: Unown: Gender: Shiny: Pokerus:
Circle:  Square:  Triangle:
Nature: Egg Flag
Lvl (met):
if(Lvl (met) > 0) then equals Level (met)
if(Lvl (met) = 0 and (Trainer info != OT Trainer info)) then Level 5 (met)
if(Lvl (met) = 0 and (Trainer info = OT Trainer info)) then Level 5 (EGG)
Location:   Sort By:
Item Held:  Sort By:
Stats: Hidden Power:   Exp:
  Type: Eff. Sum: NextLv:
  DV  Effort  IV Stats at Lvl:
Special Attack:
Special Defence:
Sort ByMoves  TypePowerAccuracyDescription
Move 1:
PP1: Used PP Ups1:
Move 2:
PP:2 Used PP Ups2:
Move 3:
PP3: Used PP Ups3:
Move 4:
PP4: Used PP Ups4:
Contest Stats Ribbons
Luster: Contest Ribbons
Cool: Cool Ribbon:
Beauty: Beauty Ribbon:
Cute: Cute Ribbon:
Smart: Smart Ribbon:
Tough: Tough Ribbon:
Extra Ribbons
Battle Lvl 50  
Battle Lvl 100  
Sketch Ribbon  
Hard Worker  
Special Ribbons
Special Ribbon 1
Special Ribbon 2
Special Ribbon 3
Special Ribbon 4
Special Ribbon 5
Special Ribbon 6
Special Ribbon 7