Westfalen Challenge


After six rounds of Age Modified Swiss, we had a nice score table:
1Patrick M.1863,9%
2Elsina M.1563,9%
3Kevin d.M.1555,6%
4Pierre Z.1553,9%
5Dennis D.1552,8%
6Toni L.1550,0%
7Davide W.1545,6%
8Konstantin B.1272,2%
9Dennis S.1266,7%
10Cetin Y.1258,3%
11Jens V.1255,6%
11Sebastian W.1255,6%
13Jeanette K.1253,9%
14Maik K.1252,8%
14Sascha N.1252,8%
14Hans M.1252,8%
17Bodo B.1247,2%
18Lennart W.1244,4%
19Sebastian L.1241,7%
20Behrad H.975%
21Arco O.966,7%
22Sascha N.963,9%
23Sebastian S.961,1%
24Derek K.955,6%
25Petra M.952,8%
25Kai S.952,8%
25Christoph Q.952,8%
25Robin G.952,8%
29Jasper v.B.947,2%
30Arnoud v.B.945,6%
31Heinz K.944,4%
32Jürgen W.941,7%
33Angelika S.938,9%
33Felix K.938,9%
33Michael d.M.938,9%
36Daniel U.937,5%
37Michael C.661,1%
38Gianni S.658,3%
39Benjaim K.650%
40Alexander R.647,2%
40Dustin M.647,2%
42Silvia K.645,8%
43Dominik D.644,4%
44Katrin S.643,1%
45Mirko J.641,7%
45Walter S.641,7%
47Christian P.636,1%
48Oliver D.633,3%
49Sven S.630,6%
50Pascal W.625%
51Melanie E.347,2%
52Marian P.345,6%
53Wolfgang W.341,7%
54Tobias T.333,3%
55Christian L.326,4%
56Stefan L.038,9%

Afterwards the Top 8 players from both age groups (we had to merge 10- and 11-14 due to the number of participants in those groups= had to play against each other in Elimination Mode to determine the real winner.

Final Games in 14-:

So in the end we had a clear winner and some clear follow-ups: (for 14-)
  1. Pierre Z.
  2. Elsina M.
  3. Davide W.
  4. Sebastian W.

Final Games in 15+:

So in the end we had a clear winner and some clear follow-ups: (for 15+)
  1. Kevin d.M.
  2. Toni L.
  3. Dennis D.
  4. Patrick M.

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