Westfalen Challenge

About the Tournament

The Westfalen-Challenge was a Tournament of the Pokémon-Trading-Card-Game. With almost 60 players and participants from all parts of germany and even some neighbour countries it was a bit larger than "regular" Tournaments - although it wasn't a Stadium Challenge.

Location of this event was the "Haus der Jugend" (House of the youth) in Witten. Please head over to their homepage for more information.


No one was sent home with empty hands, even players with zero victories got some promo cards and a booster. Of course the Top players were handed lots of Boosters and even medals and cups. Apart from that there was a tombola for the more unfortunate participants.

Sponsors and Supporters

Such a large event would never have been possible without the support from other people. That's why we want to thank the following sponsors for their support:

The House of the Youth in Witten (german link) Haus der Jugend Ever tried to get a playing room for 60 people? The house of the Youth helped us a lot by letting us play in their rooms.
Auenland For years, the Auenland has given the Pokémon-players of Dortmund the room and opportunity to improve their play. Also we were allowed to hold a lot of regular tournaments, there.

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