Pierre Z. - Queendom

german: This deck was played by Pierre Z. at the 2. Westfalen Challenge. He made first place in the 14- category
Source: Westfalen-Challenge2
4x 24_FireRedLeafGreen_070 Nidoran ♀
3x 24_FireRedLeafGreen_040 Nidorina
4x 24_FireRedLeafGreen_009 Nidoqueen
3x 24_FireRedLeafGreen_073 Pidgey
2x 24_FireRedLeafGreen_045 Pidgeotto
3x 24_FireRedLeafGreen_010 Pidgeot
1x 23_HiddenLegends_061 Feebas
1x 23_HiddenLegends_012 Milotic
3x 23_HiddenLegends_092 Steven's Advice
3x 27_RocketReturns_083 Copycat
2x 27_RocketReturns_086 Rocket's Admin
4x 24_FireRedLeafGreen_088 Celio's Network
3x 24_FireRedLeafGreen_092 Great Ball
4x 29_Emerald_083 Rare Candy
3x 23_HiddenLegends_088 Desert Ruins
1x 23_HiddenLegends_086 ATM Rock
1x 30_POP2_08 Mr. Briney's Compassion
5x 29_Emerald_101 Grass Energy
4x 29_Emerald_106 Fighting Energy
4x 29_Emerald_087 Double Rainbow Energy
2x 28_Deoxys_094 Heal Energy
60 cards.