Dennis S. - Scizor ex/Kingdra

german: This deck was played by Dennis S. at the 2. Westfalen Challenge. He made fourth place in the 14- category
Source: Westfalen-Challenge2
3x 30_UnseenForces_046 Scyther
3x 30_UnseenForces_108 Scizor ex
3x 27_RocketReturns_058 Horsea
3x 27_RocketReturns_048 Seadra
3x 27_RocketReturns_012 Kingdra
3x 28_Deoxys_044 Plusle
2x 28_Deoxys_074 Slugma (Collect)
2x 28_Deoxys_020 Magcargo (Smooth)
4x 30_UnseenForces_089 Professor Elm's Training Method
3x 23_HiddenLegends_092 Steven's Advice
3x 30_POP2_11 TV Reporter
2x 28_Deoxys_092 Strength Charm
1x 27_RocketReturns_084 Pokemon Retriever
3x 27_RocketReturns_086 Rocket's Admin
3x 30_UnseenForces_088 Pokemon Reversal
1x 23_HiddenLegends_088 Desert Ruins
2x 23_HiddenLegends_089 Island Cave
4x 30_UnseenForces_097 Metal Energy
2x 27_RocketReturns_094 Dark Metal Energy
6x 29_Emerald_103 Water Energy
3x 30_UnseenForces_098 Boost Energy
1x 28_Deoxys_095 Scramble Energy
60 cards.