Jeroen R. - Slowking

german: This deck was played by Jeroen R. at the 2. Westfalen Challenge. He made third place in the 15+ category
Source: Westfalen-Challenge2
3x 24_FireRedLeafGreen_080 Slowpoke
1x 30_UnseenForces_072 Slowpoke
3x 27_RocketReturns_009 Dark Slowking
1x 30_UnseenForces_014 Slowking
2x 28_Deoxys_074 Slugma (Collect)
2x 28_Deoxys_020 Magcargo (Smooth)
3x 28_Deoxys_009 Jirachi (Wishing Star)
4x 23_HiddenLegends_092 Steven's Advice
1x 27_RocketReturns_088 Rocket's Mission
3x 30_UnseenForces_086 Mary's Request
1x 27_RocketReturns_083 Copycat
4x 27_RocketReturns_084 Pokemon Retriever
3x 27_RocketReturns_092 Swoop! Teleporter
2x 28_Deoxys_085 Crystal Shard
2x 24_FireRedLeafGreen_091 EXP. ALL
3x 30_UnseenForces_088 Pokemon Reversal
3x 28_Deoxys_092 Strength Charm
1x 30_UnseenForces_085 Fluffy Berry
2x 29_Emerald_077 Lanette's Net Search
2x 23_HiddenLegends_091 Magnetic Storm
1x 24_FireRedLeafGreen_102 Switch
1x 30_UnseenForces_080 Curse Powder
2x 29_Emerald_087 Double Rainbow Energy
6x 29_Emerald_105 Psycho Energy
4x 30_UnseenForces_096 Darkness Energy
60 cards.