Westfalen-Challenge 2 is over. We want to thank all those people that were there and helped making this tournament an extraordinary event. You might want to take a look at the results or peek at the decks that were most successful. We also have some nice pictures, so you can better remember this event (if you've been there) or see what you missed (if you weren't).
Today is the big day! A day of great trials, of great losses and of great victories. We're awaiting you and hope for lots of surprise players!
There were some changes in the participant list. Furthermore we closed the page for pre-registrations. Note that today is the official release date for the POP-Series 2 so you may include those cards in your deck, now.
Yet Another Participant Update (YAPU), furthermore the modified-list needed some small corrections.
Poll is over! Option 2 got 13 votes while only 8 people voted for Option 1. You can find the details on the page about Rules&Modus. Furthermore we had a huge update on the participants page.
We're counting 38 confirmed pre-registrations. Still we need some more to reach the record of WC1. Furthermore, the current poll status seems to show that there will be no lunch break. Still, many people didn't vote, yet.
Just another update in contestants, confirmations and vote status.
More contestants, more confirmations, some votes and a deadline for the poll
Please note that there is a poll between Best-of-Three and Best-of-One. We already got some pre-registrations - although none of them has yet been confirmed.
Westfalen-Challenge 2 goes online! Get all the important information! If you want to take part in this event, you better check the pre-registration form!

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