About the Tournament

The Westfalen-Challenge 2 was a tournament of the Pokémon Trading Card Game. With more than 60 participants from germany and the surrounding countries, it was larger than many other tournaments.

Location of this event was the "Revierpark Wischlingen" in Dortmund. The tournament was one of the many events of the "Auen-Con" which was held by the fantasy-shop Auenland in Dortmund.


The winner of each age group (14- and 15+) was awarded a nice price cup, the Top3 players also received a medal each. The Top2 of each of the three age groups (10-, 11-14 and 15+) got a an exclusive Pokemon-Promotion-Bag. Every player was given two boosters from the new POP-Series 2 at the beginning of the tournament and every player who stayed until the end of the preliminary round, could choose one item out of a large sortiment of merchandise (bags, booster, boxtopper, pencils, ...) and got another POP2-booster. Needless to say that players on higher ranks won additional Unseen-Forces-booster.
You could say that everyone won a lot of things, even if he didn't win a lot of matches - and we expect the next tournaments to be the same.

Sponsors and Supporters

Such a large event can't be hold without support from other people. That's why we want to thank the following sponsors for their support:

Auenland For years, the Auenland has given the Pokémon-players of Dortmund (and surroundings) the room and opportunity to improve their place. Also we were allowed to hold a lot of regular tournaments, there.
This time, the Auenland even organized the playing hall (for the "Auen-Con"), so without their support we wouldn't have had any place to hold that tournament!

Of course, we always are interested in more sponsors. So, if you would like to support future events like this (by giving refreshments, additional prices or in any other way), please contact us via the main contact page.

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