How to get there

Some helpful links:

EFA Electronic Assistance by the VRR (the local manager of Busses & trains; german link)
Deutsche Bahn Homepage of the "Deutsche Bahn" (regional manager of trains)
Google Maps Google Map of the region
Hotel Booking Dortmund If necessary, you might find a place for the night, here

by Busses & trains:

"Dortmund-Hörde" is a subway station on its own. You can also reach it with the U41 from the central Station ("Dortmund Hauptbahnhof"). It departs from there every 15 minutes. Travel time is about 10 minutes.
After arriving at the subway take the exit "Hörder Bahnhofstr / Sparkasse", then the stairs to "Hörder Bahnhofstr". Afterwards you'll find yourself right in front of building 16.

You could also drive to the train station Dortmund-Hörde, but if you're not coming from the direction of Soest (RB49), Iserlohn (RB53) or Arnsberg/Winterberg (RE57), the subway might be the better solution.
After exiting the train station, turn right and walk past the parking space. Enter the building with the number 16

by car

We hope to have some details, soon. Until then, we recommend using one of these route planners on the net.

Parking in Dortmund:

Right next to the building is a parking place. You have to pay to leave your car there.


On the bridge next to the building I could get these coordinate:
51º29'16,33'' Nord, 7º30'2,95'' Ost (51,48787 7,50082)
If you know how to use them, they might be helpful. (If you use Google Earth: 51 29'16,33'' 7 30'2,95'' as search)

How to identify the building

It's the large building right next to the bridge. It has lots of windows and there is "Bezirksverwaltung Hörde" written on one side of it.
When you enter the building from the street, it might not look like a tournament place, but if you take the elevator and exit on floor 2, you are looking right onto a sign "Bürgersaal" to the hall.


We don't have any details about this - yet.

Where to stay

Unfortunately, we are unable to provide a place for the night at the location. So, if you're not able to travel home the same day, you'll have to find a bed for the night, yourselves.
The city of Dortmund provides a Hotel Search (see above) on their homepage.

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