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Pokemon Organized Play The official site for Pokemon tournaments
Official Formats Here you can find details about Modified
Card-Dex Contains the text to cards. May be helpful as reference
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Deck Form Deck Registration Form. We recommend using it.

Rules & Modus

The Westfalen-Challenge is a standard Modified tournament, sanctioned by PUI and therefore subject to the corresponsing rules. You can find these rules in detail on the PUI-homepage (see above), but if you already attended official Pokemon-tournaments, you should know how thinks work.

The preliminary round will be played in Age Modified Swiss, so that matches between players from different age groups will be the exception. (If there are enough contestants in each of the age groups, the Westfalen-Challenge will be divided into three parallel tournaments, without matches between players of different age groups). Games are finished after one round (Best-of-One); time limit will be 30 minutes. In accordance to the PUI-rules there will be no draws.
After the preliminary round we will have a cut for Top of the age groups (Best-of-Three, time limit: 60 minutes), so that afterswards we will have a tournament winner in each of these age groups.


This is only an approximate. The real schedule is depending on the number of players and on how fast the matches are over.

10.00-11.00 Registration
11.00- ca 16.00 preliminary rounds
ca 16.00 Start Tops
ca 19.00 - 20.00 end of tournament

Cards allowed in your deck:

As this is a Modified Tournament, you may only play cards that are allowed for Modified at the date of the tournament. Please check, whether your deck is modified-legal, before the tournament. There are many ressources on the net helping you with this; You might also ask on message boards.
If you want to play with cards not in english or german (like japanese, french, italian or whatever) you have to provide an english or german card for reference outside your deck. According to recent PUI-rulings you may also use a printout from the official Card-Dex (see above) for reference.
Please read the official tournament rules for more information on which card sleeves may be used.

About deck lists:

Each player has to create and submit a deck list to the tournament officials before the Tournament starts (this is done while Registration). We recommend using the official POP Deck Registration Form (see above). We will also have some of these empty forms at the Tournament.
Please note the following points when creating your deck list:

Random deck checks will be performed. Please note that the winner decklists will be published on this site after the event.


If it's necessary, we may have to change some of these rules. Important changes will be announced at the tournament.

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